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Conscious Moments & Musings Newsletter

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Cultivate conscious moments when you feel fully alive; embark on a journey into your heart and soul. Discover Seeds of Infinitude deep within you.

-Austin James Haines

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Description of Conscious Moments & Musings Newsletter

Description of Conscious Moments & Musings Newsletter Summary:

Stay Inspired and Updated with Austin

Are you seeking more depth, meaning, and a connection to your inner self and the natural world? Would you like to stay connected with me to take advantage of the inspirational content I will share through poetry, nature, live events, and travel? Slow down, be more intentional, and live from a deeper place while fostering fun and growth. Cultivate more appreciation in the present and the beauty of small, everyday experiences—live from your essence and harness the power of nature. Welcome mindfulness and awareness, which aligns perfectly with the introspective and reflective nature of poetry, nature, and personal growth content. I plan to offer a space for readers to pause, reflect, and gain insights, whether through the lyrical beauty of poetry, practical self-improvement advice, inspirational destinations, or the serene allure of nature. This combination will create a rich, multifaceted experience that nurtures your mind and soul awakening something deep and real in you. Stay connected to cultivate "Conscious Moments  Musings.

More About Austin

In the boundless realm of words, where the spirits of great authors and poets reside, lies the answer to Austin J Haines’ transformative journey. Like Robert Frost, he breaks free from the binds of the status quo, embracing a path less traveled, whereas Walt Whitman's soul whispers reverberate. In the midst of society's clamor, he seeks solace in Thoreau's wisdom, finding the courage to live poetically present deeply connected to the universal forces of nature. With the ink of his pen, he sows awakening Seeds of Infinitude ®, cultivating conscious moments that ignite like Flashpoints, illuminating his existence and kindling fires of awakening in others.

More Details About Austin:

Austin J. Haines spent 19 years with the same Fortune 500 company. During his best year, he decided to resign and answer the call of his soul. Austin quickly became an Indie Author, a hired Speaker, and a sought after Life & Business Coach. He has helped multimillionaires launch their brand, couples facing divorce, and countless entrepreneurs clarify their messaging and purpose. Austin has since authored three books and has a fourth book on the way, Seeds of Infinitude. Poetry was an afterthought—but Austin's soul called once again. Poetry started pouring out and impacting his clients and friends in a deeply profound way. Poetry has become a part of his inspirational talks and live experiencial seminars. While the book Seeds of Infinitude® isn't published, you can take advantage of this unique opportunity to hear Austin's poetry firsthand. Austin's discovery of poetry is a part of his own Seeds of Infinitude®, and his intention is that you discover yours. Feel free to check Austin's itinerary and join the Seeds of Infinitude® mailing list so you can be the first to know what's next.

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